How I help in business.


I love business. I mean, I REALLY love business… and all that comes with it!

When I was 6 years of age, my grandfather taught me how to fill out a check and balance a checkbook (remember those?).

As a teenager I was working in my father’s marketing agency during the summer, typing invoices (on a typewriter, using tri-fold carbon paper!).

From that point on, I was hooked.

Entrepreneurship started young for me with a grapefruit stand in our backyard, and later advanced to a financial and asset planning firm during my early professional career.

Today I enjoy growing multiple businesses. You can learn more about those business below.

I love consulting and working with all types people and businesses, and I’d love to learn more about yours…so let’s connect!


Days Helping Entrepreneurs

Months of Community Outreach

Launched Startups

Hours of Being a Mom

I create ways to simplify your personal and business life, so you can reduce distractions and have more time.

…and who doesn’t want more time, right?

Whether you are self-employed, a business owner, work inside a corporation, or are a stay at home mom… life can get complicated.

I un-complicate it, and you experience how quickly and easily we achieve that.

We don’t just ‘talk’ about what you want to see improve or what’s taking up your time.

We create solutions for those challenges, and most importantly, we will implement simple changes that have a lasting impact.

So, that little voice inside that you may have heard say “There has to be a better way to do this!!!’… is actually right.

There is a way. Let’s find it together.

Carson Consulting

We take a coaching approach, working with you one-on-one to help empower you to identify all the possibilities and find solid solutions to help your business expand. We have found that coaching is a powerful tool in small business. It allows us to take an interpersonal approach to addressing your company’s issues and challenges. We create customized pitch decks, help revamp your branding, and dive deep in simple strategies you can implement to create immediate and consistent results.

This action-based approach is highly result-oriented as we align together and create momentum through developing systems, plans, and consistency. CONTACT US

Get Smpl

We specialize in streamlining your business and home life, creating consistency in the things you do most often.

We are great at simplifying your company’s value message, and are a wiz at decluttering and organizing parts of your business (or home) that are creating distraction.

Together, we implement lasting solutions  that help you reach your health, lifestyle and business outcomes! CONTACT US

Kaizen Medical Group

We are a medical clinic, on a mission to keep your body full of energy and in pain free motion. Our team focuses on increasing your overall energy and improving your joint function and mobility. Some of our clients come to us to help them get out of chronic pain or heal from injuries, while others have good health and seek to get to the next level.

We offer innovative non-surgical treatments to help you engage your health in ways that create lasting improvements at the cellular level.  Some treatments include Stem Cells, Chiropractic and PT, Massage, Acupuncture, Vitamin IV Therapy, and more! VISIT WEBSITE

Bag of Change

We create bags filled with items that contribute to emotional, spritual or physical change in a child’s life rescued from human trafficking in the United States.

Additionally, we create products for sale, with a purpose.

The majority of revenue earned from the sale of those products support rescue and recovery efforts of those children. VISIT WEBSITE

I have the utmost pleasure working with Dray for one of my projects. She was on-time, highly professional and brought a great energy to the project! I would refer her to any of my colleagues in a moment’s notice!

James Patrick, Business Coach & Author

Dray is highly focused, detail-oriented and unbelievably caring. She never forgets that she is working for your benefit. And she’s not only an excellent advisor, but is conscientious about all the little details and her followup.
Kelly S., CEO

Dray is one of the most driven, organized and detailed oriented people I have ever worked with. Her service levels are second to none, she is a tireless worker and she has a very unique ability to combine sales skills with operations.
Jim Prendergast, CEO


Causes I support.

How I help in the community.


I advocate.

It all starts with awareness. Every chance I get I’m sharing the reality surrounding issues I’m passionate about, and my goal is to  increase community awareness. Be an advocate for causes that support your core values.

I support.

Action creates change. I support causes with my time, money and skill-set. You have talent– trust me, you do…we all do. Take your talent and see how you can help various organizations that align with causes you are passionate about.

I promote.

Creativity and grass roots are equally effective. I look for ways to promote my causes through community involvement on a micro and macro scale. Social media is awesome for raising awareness, and hands-on programs tie action into the cause.


Human Trafficking


Life Extension




Childhood Hunger

How YOU can help.

One of the accomplishments I am most proud of is the launch of Bag of Change(TM). Our organization supports causes that are against acts of humanitarian injustice.

In our infancy, we have already touched the lives of many women, teens and babies.

  • We create bags that include items which contribute to the physical, emotional and spiritual change in the life of it’s recipient.
  • We create community awareness through supporting events and social media.

I encourage you to see what we are all about.


 “Recognize where you should spend your time and with whom you should spend your time.” – Dray Carson-Hruby

Meet the LOVES of my life…


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